Late Night Thoughts.

red skull

I am a night owl. Sometimes life steals my joy for the moonlit hours. A Job that requires rising early, classes that pressure me to sleep early, even more. But as of now I have nothing restraining my nocturnal habits. With the silence that fills the air, when the world rests their heads to their pillows, my mind is allowed to do what it does best. Over-analyze everything, over-think the events of the day, week, year. And I fucking love it!

I have let my mind wander through recent happenings of my life. I have moped, I have cried, and let myself feel morose. I have felt rage, and lashed out. But I have also laughed, and smiled, and loved. I will again cry, probably soon, and I know I will smile and laugh even sooner, and hopefully more often.

What I know, is that people we let in our lives have the ability to destroy us, crumble the pillars that hold us upright. But, it is also people we bring in our lives, that help hold us up. They will help build us back up stronger and and support us when another tempest hits our shores.

I look at my entire life, so far, and I see beautiful poetry. It is written in every event, every choice, and every consequence. I see the ebb and flow of pain and happiness, and it is glorious. I wonder if everyone sees the prose of their own life. Maybe it is just those that choose to see it.

My sonnet is far from over, but I am sure that when it comes to its close, and the last verse is upon me, I will be glad that the content of it will make me proud to be the one who penned it.

Until later days,


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