Octopus epiphany.


So I have a weird obsession with cephalopods. They are by far one of the most interesting creatures on the planet. The octopus is the king (even though giant squids are larger). They are intelligent hunters of the sea. Their problem solving skills are on the level of higher primates. They can change color and form to evade predators and ambush prey. There are a couple theories being thrown around that their entire bodies are filled with neurons making them made up of a brain. And that they may not even originally be of our planet (this is just a comment on how much different they are from the rest of the animal kingdom).
I believe my obsession with them is because they transform to their environment so well and I find myself able to do that as well. Even when I am uncomfortable I am usually great at blending in wherever I find myself. I would rather disappear with my surroundings but I will attack if the need arises. Maybe this is a great thing, maybe it is a fault, but it is who I am…
Joe the human octopus. Fear me!


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